Clint is a Producer who fully immerses himself in the creative process, becoming an integral contributor to all aspects of film production.  Life experience has provided him with a real world approach to his endeavours, facilitating a unique, multifaceted approach.  His skill set solidifies him as a definite asset for a wide variety of creative projects.  His solid creative input aims to push collaborators into new territories, and his compositional skills along with his ability to assist with treatments enables the director to achieve the best possible outcome.

His collaborative success with Director-Simon Harvey Smith has resulted in several great successes with important musical artists such as Amity Affliction, Dead Letter Circus, and his own band Like Thieves. 

To date, the best experience we’ve had for our film clips. Clint and Simon were open and receptive to our ideas, and their positive input made our clips much better than they would have been. Our most positive experience to date... the outcome is amazing.
— Joel Birch - The Amity Affliction

As a lifelong musician, he connects with bands on a level others might not, intimately understanding the situations they're in, whether it's monetary strain, ego, strengths or limitations.

Clint's 10 years of experience in the highly competitive world of corporate recruitment has helped him focus on the non-artistic elements of production which are selling himself, selling the company, and selling the project.  He aims to use his expansive knowledge of budgeting, logistics, and location scouting while successfully managing the interactions between the artist, directors, labels and other business aspects to make ensure that everyone goes home happy.

The duality of being both an artist and a business minded individual, assures his complete devotion to and facilitation of projects, ensuring they reach a successful conclusion from all stand points.  A talented artist specialising in illustration, as well as founding member of acclaimed and successful touring group 'Like Thieves', he feels constantly inspired and relishes being pushed into a multitude of creative spheres.